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Alstom AG (Power Generation etc.)

Balda AG

Danfoss Compressors GmbH

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Telekom

European Transactions Bank (ETB)

Gorenje (Slowenien)

Johnson Controls (Germany)

IDEX Corp. (LUKAS GmbH, Fluid Management GmbH etc.)

Motorola (Automotive, Semiconductors sectors etc.)

Pipelife Europe/Russia

Sanyo Energy Europe

Shell Gas

Salym Petroleum Development n.V.

Siemens AG

Siemens Post Automation (Konstanz, Dallas usw.)

Siemens VDO AG

Smurfit (Schnewerdingen Wellpappenfabrik, GmbH)

Standard Bank of South Africa (Johannesburg)

Telekom Berkom

Tverskoi Trubni Zavod, Russland

TÜV München usw.



Was sagen unser Six Sigma Kunden


Roel van der Sterren, Production Manager

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt,

Salym Petroleum Development N.V.

Moscow, 123242, Russland

"I have worked with Elena in 2012 and 2013, together with a field based and Moscow based multifunctional team on ESP Lifecycle Management. Under difficult circumstances (field logistics, different shifts, different locations and limited resource availability) Elena managed to complete some significant achievements: Task Analysis of ESP Engineers and Optimization with management recommendations, ESP life Cycle VSM, Cost of Poor Quality Report and effective coaching of staff making various operational procedures such as alarm & trip management and field maintenance. Also she has identified significant statistical correlation between design rate of new wells and actual rate of new wells. This has given us the valuable insight of a sub-optimum well completion versus certain gross liquid rates impacting overall run life with associated cost increase. From a design perspective, Elena has narrowed down the design requirements for surface ESP equipment which has benefitted the design and construction team, and ultimately the production team. Elena has also trained many staff in SPD. I was trained by Elena, she impressed me with her ability to effectively bring across the essentials of LEAN with many different useful examples from different places.
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"

                                                                                 January 2014

Andrej N. Belyakov, Director, Tverskoi Trubni Zavod (TTZ) , Russland

Elena Alexandrova, Dep.Director TTZ

Мы принимали участие в семинаре по контролю качества и оптимизации бизнес процессов в рамках программы TACIS MTP-4,который проводила госпожа Елена Авербух. Возьмем на себя смелость сказать, что это был лучший выездной семинар из всего цикла семинаров в рамках этой программы 2007-2008 гг. Хотелось бы отметить высокий профессионализм г-жи Авербух, которая продемонстрировала  и глубокие профессиональные знания, и филигранное владение методикой проведения подобных мероприятий, и эрудированность. Для нас этот семинар был очень важен и нужен, так как помог взглянуть на проблемы завода с новой точки зрения. Огромная благодарность организаторам за то, что им удалось привлечь такого специалиста!

                                                                                 Март 2008

Раиса Бабичева, Зам.главного врача областной больницы г.Твери для организации работы по внебюджетной деятельности (ГУЗ ОКБ)

Преподаватель Елена Авербух - профессиональный специалист для проведения тренингов и семинаров на конкретном предприятии, т.к. быстро ориентируется в организационной структуре фирмы,учреждения и т.п., планирует поэтапный контроль управления качеством в корпоративном масштабе, намечает кратковременную и долгосрочную стратегию и т.д.

                                                              Март 2008

Peter Steensen, Six Sigma Quality Leader, Black Belt, Danfoss Compressors

Our Green Belt- Management Team from three European plants (Germany, Slovenia and Slovakia) has enjoyed training a lot and worked hard on their projects together with trainer and coach Elena Averboukh.

After having learnt everything about DMAIC, they are now looking forward to apply Six Sigma together with the Black Belts.

The training of Six Sigma has opened their eyes for potential of savings and quality improvements, as well as for efficient cross-cultural communication which they hardly were able to imagine without the training.

During the ten days of teaching about all the powerful methods and statistics, and the coaching of the projects in between, Prof. E. Averboukh continuously increased the motivation of the participants, helped them understanding and using also difficult tools and showed them how to identify and to overcome barriers and road blocks.

Her outstanding knowledge of the content of the DMAIC – method, combined with her great talent to explain also complex issues made it easy for the participants to follow and to make significant progress on their projects.

September  2003


James Parsons, Shell Gas Six Sigma Deployment Manager

Elena Averboukh successfully designed and delivered the Shell Gas Black Belt training in 2002.  Her effective teaching methods, strong technical ability and customer focus enabled her to rapidly gain the trust and respect of candidate Black Belts.

I would thoroughly recommend her to any company serious about deploying Six Sigma techniques.

October 2003







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